MATLAB Fast Automation
You are getting tired of ...
  • Doing the same boring tasks again and again when you know they could be automated
  • Looking for hours to find impractical solutions to your issue
  • Always making the same mistakes
And you want to FINALLY ...
  • Let MATLAB do all the work for you
  • Learn to automate MATLAB in record time
  • Improve your programming skills to save time, cost, and effort
  • Make sure that you won't do the same mistake twice

Above all, I am a practitioner of MATLAB & Simulink, and automation has now become my passion. I've been working with MATLAB & Simulink for over 5 years, including over 2 years professionally as a model-based engineer.

Before automating my tasks, I thought that improving repetitive tasks involved putting more effort into my work. I've tried multiple things: attempting to concentrate more, maybe resting more to be more focused at work, drinking coffee (no, seriously). But, although each of these strategies worked in a way, none of them seemed like a long-term solution because as soon as I lost my focus or was distracted, I would go back to making the same mistakes. Establishing procedures to double-check critical tasks also helped, but this proved way too time-consuming.

Only when I discovered how to automate my tasks was I able to leverage my time properly. Investing time at the outset to have my tasks performed by MATLAB was the first real step that allowed me to have the choice of improving where I wanted to improve. I started moving forward without ever moving backward.

Jacob Sapir

This book has been entirely written by myself, Jacob Sapir, as a step-by-step guide to automating whatever you need as fast as possible using MATLAB. I personally use the advice, pieces of code, and techniques presented in this book. The examples originated from real, practical situations that actually let me move from working all of the time to letting MATLAB work for me.

This book is not a giant magic trick, and it won't give you instant results. You'll actually have to put into practice every pieces of advice, as I demonstrate in the book scrupulously. That being said, in addition to explaining everything, I provide every piece of code in this book as separate .m files (more than 50) that you can download right away.

What you'll learn in this book is the shortest path to automate your tasks with MATLAB. You'll find a bit of theory for beginners but mostly practical approaches, lines of code, and entire scripts. For the most part, I won't ask you to take action, so bear in mind that you have work to do and that everything won’t just fall into place once you validate your access. You are responsible for your own success.

  •      The book: MATLAB Fast Automation
You will instantly receive the book MATLAB Fast Automation as well as more than 50 .m files to put theory into practice.
  •      A continuous up-to-date version of the book
No nasty surprises. Thanks to the growing number of participants, as soon as an element changes, I am informed and update the book.
  •     A guarantee of success, if you try
Yes, you are responsible for your own success. I will stack everything on your side to make it happen, but you're responsible for your success. I guarantee that if you give it a try, the approach will work. If it doesn't, you'll immediately get your money back.

I fully trust in the quality of this book. I personally and, scrupulously have applied  everything that I recommend here.

You may believe only what you see, and you're right. This guarantee allows you to test everything freely, with zero risk.

If you are not satisfied by the results in under 90 days, you will be refunded in full.

The only condition to be qualified for your full refund is to have given it a try.

How do I get access to your book?
Once you've subscribed, you will receive an email with access to a private membership area. In this membership area, you will find your book to download as well as the additional material to help you as much as possible.
Do I need prior knowledge to apply what's in the book?
No prior knowledge is required. Every line of code is thoroughly explained, and there are examples to illustrate every time a new function is introduced.

Direct Access
  • Instant access  to your book
  • Access to every .m file from the book
  • Lifetime access to future iterations of this book
  • 90-day guarantee 100% refundable


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