Learn MATLAB Programming in One Hour
You are getting tired of ...
  • Tutorials that are too advanced when you are brand new
  • Hours and hours of video tutorials
  • "You need to practice"...
And you want to FINALLY ...
  • Learn all the basics of MATLAB Programming without knowing how to code
  • Have everything in a single hour
  • Have written examples to refer to whenever you need

If you think that learning MATLAB programming needs to be a hard slog, let me tell you that you're wrong. This training course has been specifically engineered for beginners who know nothing about MATLAB or coding in general.

Why an hour-long training course? Because it allows you to see not only all the basic commands but to illustrate them with examples. It's like being in the same room with an expert instructor right at your side helping you get this instruction and information in the fastest and easiest way possible. I've already made all the mistakes and I can tell you how to be successful. I can shortcut your learning curve by half.

In the videos, you'll see me actually writing the examples and testing them on MATLAB while I explain what they are and when you need to use them. There's no command that I explain without actually showing you how it works in MATLAB.

MATLAB Programming in One Hour
  • 3 twenty minute videos (because I found that's the best way to absorb the material, in 20 minutes chunks) that explain how to:
  • Use the MATLAB graphic interface, use MATLAB scripts and manipulate vectors.
  • ​Use MATLAB Matrices, use For loops, create functions, use conditional statements, and round numbers.
  • Create figures, read and write files, use structures, list files, and folders, and solve errors.
  • 3 cheatsheets that contain every example used in the 3 videos, as well as a summary of all the commands that you've learned in every video:
  • The 1st part of every cheatsheet (.pdf) is the literal transcription of everything explained and every example used in the video because most of the tutorials I found merely showed what to do but never provided a way to refer to the information/explanation/example quickly when needed.
  • The 2nd part of every cheatsheet is the syntax of every command used in the video because when learning a new programming language it's impossible (at least for me) to remember the syntax of every command and what they do.
  •      Learn MATLAB Programming in One Hour
You will instantly receive the 3 videos as well as the 3 cheatsheets.
  •      A continuous up-to-date version of the training course
No nasty surprises. Thanks to the growing number of participants, as soon as an element changes, I am informed and update the course.
  •     A guarantee of success, if you try
Yes, you are responsible for your own success. I will stack everything on your side to make it happen, but you're responsible for your success. I guarantee that if you give it a try, the approach will work. If it doesn't, you'll immediately get your money back.

I fully trust in the quality of this training course. I personally and, scrupulously have applied  everything that I recommend here.

You may believe only what you see, and you're right. This guarantee allows you to test everything freely, with zero risk.

If you are not satisfied by the results in under 90 days, you will be refunded in full.

The only condition to be qualified for your full refund is to have given it a try.

How do I get access to my training course?
Once you've subscribed, you will receive an email with access to a private membership area. In this membership area, you will find your training course as well as the additional material to help you as much as possible.
Do I need prior knowledge to see the videos?
No prior knowledge is required. Every line of code is thoroughly explained, and there are examples to illustrate every time a new function is introduced.

Direct Access
  • Instant access  to the videos
  • Access to every cheatsheet
  • Lifetime access to future iterations of this training course
  • 90-day guarantee 100% refundable


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